Beautiful Music Together

May 1, 1997  Thursday

You won’t believe what I did today (speaking to no one in particular).  I got up before seven o’clock, and missed out on an extra half hour of glorious sleep.  Anyway, the first thing I did was listen to the mix tape I made last night.  The first song is simply beautiful, the second, “Blue Eyes” by Elton John, reminds me of the StareFests Sidney and I have, and “Unchained Melody” is a song from prom.

Hoke showed up at my door at 7:40.  He had been to “the Land” this morning, his wooded family’s acreage miles to the south, and he proceeded to tell me about it.  He said trees had been completely uprooted and twisted from a tornado that touched down.  Luckily the caboose on the Land is safe and in one piece.

Before second hour I asked Sidney if she had heard my songs.  Unfortunately, the power had been out at her house at the time, so she had missed it.  I was even more glad I had made the tape.  I don’t know, maybe I alone like those songs anyway, but it seemed nice to do.  In Homeroom Sidney slipped into the home etc room that doubles as the Franch room, to listen to it.  Mrs. Spacey, who had been in the room at the time, said she seemed pleased.

In baseball practice, aren’t we supposed to be practicing game situations?  That’s what I thought, but someone forgot to tell Coach Heinz.  He, a quite able Sgt. Slaughter stand-in, was along the third base line by the track, hitting pop-flies to us in right field.  It was my turn, and I trotted a few feet in, then brought my hands on my knees, ready.  A few tracks members had now congregated Coach Heinz, and it looked like he was once again going to show off his strength.  I was right.

Perhaps I knew when he pointed his bat to the fences, a la Babe Ruth, that I wouldn’t be coming down with this one.  As soon as he hit it (crushed it, hammered it, killed it, …add your own adjective any time) I turned and began sprinting to the fence.  I had just hopped over the orange outfield fence when the ball hit the road and bounced thirty feet into the flat dark brown soil of the corn field.  It also took me a little while to find it, but I wouldn’t have if Lance hadn’t pointed out the location, which was about twenty feet from where I was searching.  Now I ask you, what good is this doing me?!  To be fair to Coach Heinz, he’s fine any other time, but when he’s hitting pop-flies…



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