Some Weather We’re Havin’

April 10, 1997  Wednesday

Let me run through a few things really quick before I begin with the entry.  We lost last night to Valley, 0-2.  Lance hasn’t won a game yet.  He’s not a bad pitcher.  He’s actually pretty good, but he walks too many.

As I write this, on the tenth of April, snow is falling with reckless abandon to earth.  We graduate in a month and outside it’s a winter wonderland.  It started snowing early this afternoon, and when I got out of baseball practice the roads were still pretty good (one other quick note about baseball: Coach Slapeck said I was to start the JV.  We have a game Saturday).  After baseball, heavy wet flecks were coming down, and the roads weren’t much use.  At a time when I’m supposed to be in shorts had we a snowball fight in the parking lot.  So far about three inches have fallen.

Riley Collins has asked several times to be in my journal.  She sits in front of me in Trig, so she’s seen it many times on the top of my Trig book on my desk, or writing a quick note to myself before (or during) Trig.  Anyway, today she got her chance.  We were in lunch when a horrendous smell came to us.  It kept getting stronger and stronger.  When we left the cafeteria the hallways were filled with smoke.  We found out later Riley had put a potato in the microwave and had it in a tad too long.  It’s okay, Riley, we all those kinds of days.  Oh, and interestingly, Riley occasionally mentions to me that her cousin is Kansas City Royals outfielder Johnny Damon. That’s pretty cool.

Tomorrow I am going to Western Illinois University.  Very excited about this.  Finally I have the chance to get see other writers’ work, talk to other authors and poets, maybe get some new ideas, and show my work.  Nothing like this happens in a placid place like Elmwood.

After I get back from Western I am going to see Star Wars uptown.  Hoke can’t make it because he has to babysit, but Sidney can.

Finally, continuing my segment Bushels of Corncob Memories, I see Colin Klimt is our focus today:

Bushel of Corncob Memories
 As told by Colin Klimt

In grade school Colin got in trouble with a sixth grade patrol guard because he wasn’t on the sidewalk next to the bus stop.  He had to go to Patrol Court during lunch and plead his case to the teacher who oversaw the patrol crossing guards, Mrs. Hanks.  Mrs. Hanks found him not guilty.

Early in our freshman year, Colin was in the bathroom cleaning out his braces after lunch.  Suddenly several seniors came into the restroom.  They started to do the usual things seniors do to freshmen.  Colin was sure he was going to die (or at least get pushed around some).  Then a teacher came in at the last minute, and Colin pushed into a corner,  was saved.  Colin says this is the reason he didn’t go to Homecoming that year, or get involved in school for a while.

It is April, right?


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