Tidbits Part XXV: The Silver Tidbit

April 1, 1997

I matted and turned in the finished color pencil collage.  I can’t believe it took so long to complete.  I started the art project on January 9th, but for a long time it did sit without being worked on much.  The work is going to contest later this month.  On the back of the matte I wrote:

“This work is in tribute to all I know, both important and irrelevant, that makes up the Secondrateparadise.  I may yet be stable, but at least I’m done.”
Today was Opening Day, yet but I do not know if the Cubs won their game.  As for my own game tonight with Brimfield, we played Midwest Central and lost 8-4.  This brings our record to 2-4.  We really are better than our record, I believe, but early-on errors and mental mistakes are killing us.

Tonight I wrote more of my new story, which I have titled “The Voyage of the Relentless.”





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