On to Greener Pastures: Towards Being The Perfect Person and Other Fiction

March 24, 1997  Monday

Yet another volume is at a close.  I am a happy with the way my sixth volume turned out.  As I promised at the end of the last installment, I discussed (in a fair amount of detail) how baseball is going and how this year is coming to a close.  My favorite parts of this volume were the dreams.  There were several other enties that struck just the right cord for how I felt.  One of them is “Pastime Paradise and the Obvious Child.”  It is important because it tells of my raw feeling in a bold and brutal way.  The same is true for the baseball segment of ““If We Learn From Failure Then I’m a Genius”  Then there is the Sidney letter thing.  I hope I didn’t make too much of a big deal about it.  The words Sidney wrote simply surprised me that much.

I’ve been waiting to use this next volume title for awhile, and now it seems apt.  The seventh volume is entitled Being the Perfect Perfect and Other Fiction.  I really don’t know right know what the seventh volume will consist of.  Baseball, sure, and perhaps prom comes to mind.  Other than that, except the usual grab-bag of goodies (That’s it.  I’ve lost it…)

It was inevitable, wasn’t it?

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