Mixed Feelings About the Outcome of the Day

March 25, 1997

Today was all about Prom.  During Art today I asked Colin as we worked across from each other if he had gotten his tux yet.  He said he hadn’t. Thursday I’m now going with him into Peoria to pick them out.

During lunch Sidney and Hoke were acting really strange and whispering.  They even went over to the vending machine to talk.  Now, there could be many reasons for this. I like to think it was because Hoke wanted to discuss in private his different options for Prom.  He can be skittish about such things, so I’d understand that.

During Government Sidney and Monica Jackson were again talking about Prom.  I knew Sidney was asking her if she would go with Hoke.  I went over and asked about it, but they thought I should have minded my own business.  Right the ladies are.

When Homeroom came Monica Jackson did ask Hoke, and he said yes.  That’s really great, and I mean it.  I’m glad Hoke is going, because I wouldn’t have as much fun without him.  I knew he really wanted to go, but didn’t want to go just with me. I wouldn’t want to just go with myself either.  A group is always more fun, and we are all good friends.  For the record, if I have not already mentioned this, (because she nows mentions it all the time) Sidney is wearing a pink strapless gown.  Later Hoke was clear that he wanted to get his tux on his own.  I asked if he would like to go with Colin and I, but he didn’t.  I hope he doesn’t think he’s being forced into doing any of this, as that thought now crosses my mind.  I really believe if I wasn’t going, he wouldn’t be either, but I guess we’ll never really know.  Hoke likes to have fun, and is a very enjoyable person to be around, but he also doesn’t really care for this stuff, if all the experiences I’ve ever had with him is any clue.

Our game wasn’t rained out after all.  The sky was overcast and the winds were cold, but we did win, 7-4.

Graduation Countdown: 31 school days

When does the fun actually begin?


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