Tidbits Part XXIII: I’ve Got To Get a Grip

March 23, 1997  Sunday

After three weeks of hard practices our baseball season is about to begin.  Our first game in Tuesday night at Peoria Central.  Honestly, I do not expect to play, but just being there will be fun.  To wear the uniform, ride the bus, and be with my teammates.

Opening Day is for the major leagues is April first, and I can’t wait.  The Cubs will be in Miami taking on the Marlins.

In three weeks, on April 14th, I am going to a dinner meeting of the Elmwood Business Women.  Myself, along with all of the other people in my class that applied for the scholarship will be there (Hoke boycotted it).

As I have said several times before, on April 11th I am also going to Western Illinois University for the literary contest being held.  I’m looking forward to it, and it looks like Mr. Beres is also coming.  Mr. Beres is the perhaps the most logical, rational person I have ever met.  I very much enjoy listening to him rhapsodize in class.  Yet while many of his ideas and insights he throws out in English class are thought-provoking, some questions he can pose to us are trivial.  It will be an interesting experience, but I’m not sure if I want to spend the entire day with him.

I spent Saturday afternoon with Hoke’s family–him, his sister Ally, his mom, and his cousin Jack–in Peoria. One moment should be recorded.  At one point Hoke’s mom stopped for gas on the outskirts of the city, and she turned the subject to prom.  I didn’t say much, as I felt I didn’t have much to add, as she listed a few possibilities.  But I agreed, without saying that some plan should be adopted.  Hoke still seemed to not want to go, and wanted even less to discuss the subject.  It was dropped, and we continued on with our trip out.

But I’ve been thinking about it.

Colin was right.  Colin was right all along.  I believe Sidney wrote that letter  about prom, in part, because she thought I might take her.  After all, I was the only one supposed to be reading it.  …Then again, she cold have just been expressing her overall feelings–but I don’t think I like that explanation as well.  Sidney wants what I want: a friend to go with to have fun.  I knew this part all the time, but I have been hesitant so far in asking her.  Anyway, I don’t believe this “Dunlap guy” thing Hoke told me about.  I’ll ask Sidney tomorrow which way it is.  If this rumor Hoke floated to me isn’t true she’s been asked, then I will.  I promise.

Graduation Countdown: 33 school days


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