“Sure, if you want to.”

March 24, 1997  Monday

I was studying for my Trig test this morning in Mr. Wentworth’s room when I saw Sidney walk by (well, more like I heard her.  Her voice really carries).  When I followed behind a moment later, and caught up to her at her locker, I congratulated her for having this “Dunlap guy” ask her to prom, to test if it was true.  In sort of a dejected way she told me she didn’t have one, and she wasn’t going to ask anyone (so I had been right). .Before I could think, I asked:

“So, do you want to go?”
“You mean to prom?”
“Yeah,” I replied. “Why not?”
“Sure, if you want to,” she answered.

So I guess I’m going to prom.  I want to go, and we’ll have a lot of fun.  I guess this Thursday I should get my tux.

Today there was a drug search at school.  It seems like there’s one every year.  A dog was used to search lockers and then the cars in the parking lot.

At the end of Homeroom, Sidney asked if I had written more journal entries.  I responded that I write all the time, most days now.  I suppose tomorrow I’ll bring my journal.  Perhaps she wants to read more about herself.  That’s probably true, since most people like to read about themselves.  I will listen to, read, and/or discuss anything anybody wants to, yet I only know as much as I’m told.

Tomorrow is supposed to be our first game, but it will probably be cancelled.  It has rained most of today and it is forecast to rain through the night.

Tonight I finally finished the collage for Art I started two months ago.

Graduation Countdown
: 32 school days

In over my head,

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