Number Three Rides Again

March 17, 1997  Monday

Tonight we got our uniforms.  The grey tops will be our home uniforms, while the new black pullovers will be for the road.  I was determined to once again have number three.  It took a two-out-of-three of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but I got it.  Good ol’ #3 is back where it belongs–with me on the bench.

In Art I am painting a scene from my story “The Tale of The Two Deaths.”  The captured solider is standing at the bottom of the well as the water begins to pour down on him.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a really good book.  I am now on page 266.  Only 1,099 more pages to go!

Ever thought my journal lacked something?  Seriously though, I have begun to draw events that has been described in this journal.  I am drawing them in the style I used for my strip My Views on Life.  I hope it adds just one more dimension to enjoy this work.

Today for our “break” in French (Mrs. Spacey is the only teacher that allows such things of any of our roughly hour and a half classes) I went to the cafeteria for twenty minutes with Stacy Tamms.  When we returned Mrs. Spacey only said “It’s a sad state of affairs.”  That’s it.  You know it too, but the day she actually takes control of that circus we call French is the day she can call herself a teacher.  Until then no one will take her seriously.

Sidney got her dress for prom over the weekend, but no one has asked her yet.  She described it at lunch today excitedly, as flowing and pink.  I then pitched the idea of us going as a group; Willa and Amiee Lainter will be at Job’s Daughters that night, and Rachel Kroll is going separately with someone.  This thing needs to be finalized, and Hoke has to decide what he’s going to do.

Just call me “Babe,”

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