Tidbits Part XIX: The Boy in the Bubble

February 25, 1997

Friday night is going to be a lot of fun.  The same group of us who saw Star Wars is going back to Peoria to see The Empire Strikes Back.  I can’t help saying again how much fun it will all be.

Right now, staring at test-patterns would be more fun than what I am doing.  Before you completely give up on me, let me explain.  I am, and have been the last week, a prisoner in my room.  The collage art project is bigger than the both of us, though there is good news.  The collage is three weeks overdue, but I can almost make out the end of this toil.

It is time for a Top 12 List, for how many times people are mentioned on separate pages in this journal, because I have nothing else to say.

1. Hoke Simmonds                 85
2. Sidney Walls                        45
2. Emma Reed                          45
4. Louise Carlson (Mom)      38
5. Ainsley Lagerstein             33
6. Holly Andrew                       32
7. Will Davies                           28
8. Henry Carlson (Dad)         27
9. Leslie K                                  25
10. Nicole Carlson                   24
10. Fred Mavetz                       24
12. Willa Hanks                       20

The bubble can’t pop soon enough,

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