A Study in Dreams 3: Distorted Visions of Reality

February 24, 1997  Monday

Hey, it’s me again, and I’ve got some more dreams.  These might seem a little more muddled than usual, but I want to get them down anyway.

In my first dream I am casually walking along a wooded road.  Then I come upon Nicole, my little sister, and I have her climb atop me, like piggy-back.  We begin going back the way I came, like I was taking her to safety.  Then a small cop, a few feet tall, appears.  I say, “I’m Will Carlson,” but he doesn’t believe me.  I show him my driver’s license.  At this point a huge, roundish creature appears, and I start running into the forest.  Hitting the monster with a stick doesn’t do any good,so I go further into the forest, and I come upon a lake, about twenty-four feet down from where I stand.  I fall into the lake.  I go underwater, and I feel I am safe.

The next dream was my most profound of the night.  I could have been there were a lot of people or a few, but all I know if that there were people.  It seems we were in an open area, like Sweetwater Park, across the tracks were the baseball diamonds are.  They are being shot at from far away, but no one seems to notice.  After one of the rounds comes close to me, I turned around, and next to a large boulder is Sidney, laying face down.  I run over and try to do something for her, but next to her is a marker, on which is inscribed “Sidney Walls,” and perhaps a date.  I stand up and walk to my left, and I quickly come upon four or five people, sitting with their backs to me.  On the far right side is Colin, and on the far left side is Sidney.  I felt I shouldn’t have been there, like I was intruding.  There seemed to be an elegance to Sidney, like she was an angel, but was at the same time human.  I really don’t know how to explain it.  She was silent and still.  Anyway, the others with her seem to be consoling her, and I have the sense it was because she lost her part in a play.  I walk over and sit down next to her and look at Colin’s book of poetry.

From that point in my dream, several people in my class are playing tag on a huge set of playground equipment in a place like Wildlife Prairie Park.  The two I remember is Spence and Becca Meers.

Would you like to hear my explanations for these dreams?  I don’t know about the first dream, something about future fears of adulthood I guess, and finding a place to stay keeps me from all that.  Perhaps I can however shed more light on the last two.  I don’t know if Sidney will be shot in the near future, but perhaps it signified that we (meaning everyone in my class) must leave after we graduate, and how sad we will all be.  Maybe the fact that Sidney really wasn’t dead  means we still have time left before it’s all over.  Also, Sidney is in the play Oklahoma!, but I don’t think she will she really lose her part.  The last of my dreams is easy: That was a sub-conscience wishing we were all little again, and not have to grow, sort of like the first.  Wildlife Prairie Park is also going to be the site of our prom.

I have become very interested each night as to the prospect of that night’s dream.  I just hope I can remember it so I can write it all down.

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