Tidbits Part XVIII: Bitaphobia

February 7, 1997  Friday

In our top stories of the day:

Today was Hoke’s birthday–but I almost forgot.  I was in lunch today, thinking about my own birthday in a week, when it hit me, “Hey, today is Hoke’s birthday!” So  leaned down the table and wished him a Happy Birthday (memo: Mom still hasn’t said anything about my birthday).

Mom has also planned that I would go with her to Western for some reason tomorrow.  Yesterday I found out we have a Scholastic Bowl meet tomorrow morning too.  Even worse, there aren’t very many people going already.  As a result, Mr. Mavetz said if I can’t go he would have to forfeit the matches.  After school I walked down to Mom’s 5th grade English room and told her this.  And now I’m going to Scholastic Bowl.  I really had no choice.  There is no way I’m not going–have you ever had a six-seven, three hundred pound Slav mad at you?  Neither have I, and I plan to keep it that way.

The video I’m making of school news and highlights is coming along great.  Monday Emma is going to bring a tape of when we were in fifth grade.  Among other things I have this year’s Basketfest, Homecoming, cross-country, me in Art class, the bomb threat from 1994, and Ray Browning’s hilarious plea for canned goods.

My career at LG Seeds is quickly coming to a close.  Next week Harold is going to Puerto Rico, and the next I am supposed to be “terminated” (I don’t like the way that is phrased).  Tonight Brian Candis, Edie Andrews and Tiffany Walsh were at LG, putting in their applications.  When Tiffany asked me how I liked working at the Corn Palace, I said, “How bad do you need the money?”  And that about sums it up.


Heaven only knows what’s next in store,




















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