They May Not Be Happy Endings, But They’re Still Endings

January 26, 1996  Sunday

Yesterday we got something in the mail from California, but Mom just gave it to me today.  I had about given up hope of ever getting a response.  I couldn’t believe how happy I was  when I actually got an autographed photo from the show X-Files, which I had sent for in November (for Sidney’s Christmas present).  This is want the accompanied letter said:

Dear X-Phile,

Thank you for your letter expressing appreciation about support for THE X-FILES.  We apologize for the delay in answering, but everyone on the show has been very busy, especially Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. Gillian and David appreciate all the support and and kind words you have been sending them.

Because of the enormous amount of involved every week in preparing the show, Gillian and David are not able to personally answer all their mail.  They do, however, extend their gratitude and hope you will continue to watch THE X-FILES.  Enclosed is a picture of Gillian and David.

Thanks for caring, and remember… “the truth is out there.”

Well, I have to be completely honest.  It isn’t personally autographed; it is a facsimile.  I also felt the letter tried too hard to promote their own show.  I probably should have expected this, but again I only spent thirty-five cents on this venture.   Maybe I could frame it before giving it to Sidney.  Then perhaps she won’t see the back of the card has the exact same autographs.  Oh well.

Tonight the green bay packers are beating the New England Patriots 35-21 in Super Bowl XXXI, with Desmond Howard running a touchdown back.  I will try everything that is in my power to avoid Mr. Mavetz for the rest of the year…

Last night because of the weather not many urban cowboys saddled up for yet another night at the Hub.  With a longing sigh I can report nothing of interest happened…

That’s a wrap,

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