The First Journals Part II: An Utter Day in Heck

February 22, 1997  Saturday

I finally found my fourth and fifth grade journals, but as I thought, there wasn’t much to them.  Mostly I would talk about what I wanted for Christmas, my birthday, or my latest high score on Super Mario Bros. (as I said, not very deep).  Though I did find one entry from fifth grade dealing with a day that I (as well as the rest of my class) remembers vividly.

October 20, 1989  

We had a mean teacher today.  Will Davies got in trouble.  She said it was inexcusable, and all he did was not comb his hair.  She was on him the rest of the day.  Cameron got chewed out because he had his right leg out from his desk.  She would not left anyone stand by her, and half of Mrs. Carlson’s class was late by 15 seconds [coming directly from the next door classroom] and they got in big trouble!!!  Gwen fell down the stairs and she said “Get up!”  Gezzzz!  She said we had no manners.

Will Carlson

Boy, that was a weird day.  The teacher had been a sub for Mr. Huber.  Picture Janet Reno in a combat jacket with the disposition of The Wizard of Oz’s Almira Gulch.  She had one been in the military, and had a camo coat.  And I swear I saw a Nazi pin on her lapel.  When I asked Mom about this she laughed and said that was her first day subbing at Elmwood and she was never asked back.

You can come back though,



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