Basketfest Part III: Just a Dang Good Day

January 31, 1997  Friday

Hello, and how are you?  It being 6:30 in the morning, I don’t know how well this entry will turn out.  You may be wondering (as I am), why I would be up so early (an entire half hour!).  The Honors Breakfast is this morning, but that even being an hour away, I have plenty of time to get down some events from yesterday.

We have trailed the sophomores in points all week, no matter what we do, and we had to place first in everything at yesterday’s pep rally to have a chance of winning (just setting the stage a little).

So there we were, the seniors vs. the world.  Well, not actually, but it was the seniors vs. the sophomores.  During the rally Mr. Marks, the dean, announced who won the hall-decorating.  As predicted, the juniors got last, the freshmen got third, and sophomores got second, and the seniors got first!  One down, and now down the stretch it’s getting close…  Then we had a cheering competition, and it was actually more fun than it sounds.  Let me paint the picture:

We still had to get first in this event, but because of Tech Prep (a trades course that a good number in our class take fourth hour), our class was half as big as the rest.  To win we would have to get an early advantage.

We knew that the first time through would be just for practice, so while other classes were screaming for no reason (is there a reason? you’re asking), we stayed quiet when our turn came–quiet except one person.

What resulted was hilarious.  Our turn came, and everyone expected us to follow suit and all yell.  Then came only the still-loud but defiantly singular voice of Justin Harms, yelling “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!” It was great.

But now it was for real.  We did everything we could, but it came out a tie for first with the sophomores, so we had to do it again.  The second time was a tie.  The third time was a tie (Mr. Marks and his drama…).  Finally, on the fourth time did the judges side with us.

We beat the sophomores twice in one day.  Gosh that felt good.

After school we had a Scholastic Bowl meet in Bushnell.  Now, I don’t really get into these meets all that much, because the questions are actually really hard, or varied, or something.  I’ve only answered two questions right this year, for a grand total of 20 points.  No, I like the ride, being with everyone, and eating out afterwards.  Last night we sat around a Hardee’s and relived our Mexico trip from two years ago and a whole host of other things with Willa, Sidney, and Hoke.

Today is going to be very busy.  In a half hour is the breakfast, and this afternoon is the class competition games, which is a lot of fun.  Tonight I’ll work at LG Seeds, head home for some quick dinner, and the game against Astoria is after that.  Geeze, with school added to that, it sounds like a lot to do for one day.



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