Basketfest Part II: In Full Swing

January 29, 1997

Before I forget, let me jot down this little ‘bit:  yesterday the almighty Ditka made his return to coaching.  That’s right–“Iron” Mike Ditka has signed a three-year deal to coach the New Orleans Saints.  Quite appropriately the Saints play the Bears in Chicago next years.  That’s going to be great.

Now on to other matters.  As I have already stated above, Basketfest is in full gear.  It was just yesterday that is decided to change our hall-decorating idea.  So, basically we started from scratch this morning, with the new theme of an “Elmwood Sports Bar and Grill.”  Then, to the horror of everyone, it began to circulate that the judges would do their duty at the end of the day!  We were shocked because last year we had until Friday.

Anyway, by noon our section was well, not even up to the standards of the junior class.  But, at the end of the day it looked great.  We had jerseys on the wall, a bar, a TV showing a boys’ game, among other creative features.

I really believe we will win.  And even better, it was pretty much an entire class project.  Of course you can’t get everyone involved, but the majority of our class worked to get it done.  I myself made a huge drawing of an Elmwood player, and the all the boys’ and girls’ teams signed it.  That was just one more thing to make it seem like a sports bar.  Of course, at one point I almost didn’t get the picture done.  I was in the Art room, hurriedly sketching away, and Mrs. Cardiff threw me out (she’s a sophomore sponsor)!  That was just because she knew we were going to win.

As for dressing up, today was “Crazy Day” and tomorrow is “Hippie Day.”

I got an 87% on the Trig test I got back today.  Don’t ask me how I did it.

And I finally got on the honor roll, for the fall semester.  Because of that I get to go to the early Honors breakfast this Friday that will be held in the cafeteria.  For the first time Hoke can’t go, and Calculus is to blame.  Fortunately Sidney will be there (of course) so I’ll have fun.

I made it through an entire entry without saying anything about the Hub!

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