Tidbits Part XII: Lines and Spaces

December 15, 1996

Mom is teaching me the piano.  It’s always sat in the living room, not doing too much, until Nicole began playing, and I’ve watched my young sister progress so far.  I already know the basic stuff, like the scales and notes.  It think it would be fun to have that talent, and be able to instantly make music.

My presents this year are centered around baseball and music.  Truthfully, I’m a lttle surprised about all the things I am getting.  It seems like more than usual.

I didn’t work at the Hub last night.  Hopefully this means I’m going to get my turn sixteen days from now, on New Years’s Eve.  Considering this is going to be the busiest night of the year, you might be wondering why I would so adamantly request that night.  Well, I’m pretty sure Ainsley and/or Holly Andrews are working also, and I rarely get to see them.  I think it would be fun in such a festive place.  Actually, I’m amazed I have now worked there for almost an entire year.  I am going to miss this next year when I go to college.

The senior class has organized a can drive so we can have a movie shown.  Our goals are: 1,111 cans of food, 111 toys, 11 coats, and 1 partridge in a peartree.  So far we have about 300 cans (I brought three).

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