December 14, 1996 Saturday

After more than a month of constant writing in this journal, seems unlawful that I haven’t made an entry in five days.  I do have several things to discuss though.  Let’s get underway.

Next Wednesday and Thursday are semester finals.  Now, in the past I have come away from finals totally shell-shocked (I’m sure I am not alone in this).  This year it is not really that bad.  This year we get to exempt up to four finals if we meet certain criteria, like having a 87% average.

The only two tests I’m not exempted for is Trig and French.  I am exempted from Accounting, English, Speech, and World History.  If you don’t already know, there are two kinds of exemptions.  First there is an exemption where you don’t have to come to class at all.  Then there is the “no hurt” exemption, which means you take the test, but it can only bring up your average.  I chose “no hurt” for all my finals.

The “A” day finals: We already took our Chapter 1 test yesterday in French (Yes, let the record show … one chapter in an entire semeser.  The mind boggles…) and Mrs. Spacey if just going to make us do something super easy.

For our Art final we’re making clay pots with Mrs. Cardiff’s kiln.  I really like mine.  It’s a hallowed out Christmas tree with a face on the trunk and a removable top.

In Speech I am going to do an 8-minute reading.  Reading aloud is something I really enjoyed this sememster.

To finish this day of simplicity is World History.  There’s a lot to know, all the little facts and details, no real big picuture stuff, but I’m not too worried since I’m exempted from a lower grade.

Now for the “B” day.  Trig.  Groan, this is the test I will spend 99.9% of my time on.  Hopefully I will do well.  I think I remember most things.

Accounting will be easy.  We are just going to type a bunch of data into a spreadsheet and print it out.

“Media experience.”  How could one possibly be tested on watching student news videos? Mrs. Marks will likely just give me an “A.”

English also won’t be so bad.  We’re probably going to write an essay on some profound issue of thought.  I think I have some experience in creative writing …

Finally, I also decided what I would like for Christmas.  It is time to upgrade to a CD player, from my radio with tape desks I listen to as I type this every night.  Today we went to Best Buy in Peoria to pick it up.  Mom was pretty unbending about getting only one CD.  Laugh, I know.  One.  You try explaining … Anyway, at the same time I am happy to be getting it, but for variety I was able to win a cheap disc of Mozart to pair with my One CD, a copy of the live album Genesis: The Way We Walk, Vol. I.   I can’t wait to hear the improvement in sound!  As for my own shopping, only Dad and something small for Hoke remains.  Merry Christmas.

And a Happy New Year,

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