The Sum of Many Parts

January 6, 1997  Monday

Hoke and I are best friends.  Now, they say opposites attract, and that may be somewhat accurate.  I sit here, listening to the likes of Elton Johh, Paul Simon, and Phil Collins.  Hoke’s tastes are a little different; he would prefer groups like AC/DC and Metallica (but you wouldn’t know it, to see him).  Where he got that, I have no idea.  Hoke drives all the time and is really good at it, while I am less experienced at driving.  Then there is the train thing.  I don’t mind it, but you’ll never find me at a train-lover’s convention.  In the same respect, Hoke would never be able to sit through a double-header.  He hates baseball, and I love it.  He always says, when I’m at his house and want to turn the TV for awhile to WGN for a Cubs game, that he once went to an Astros game in Houston, and besides a single home run nothing happened all nine innings.  So he’s disowned the whole, boring sport.

Then there are all the rest.  Sidney runs, plays basketball, runs, studies like there’s no tomorrow, runs, talks a lot, and runs some more, while I … don’t.

But what about the rest of the gaggle?  People like Colin, Emma, Leslie K, Wyll Yates, etc?  Why do we like each other (I really think about things too much)?  It’s because, I think, we’re all good kids.  We enjoy each other.  We know where we stand.  No one has to ever fear otherwise.  Without being cheesy, I would like to type “We are true friends” here.  Well, it’s done, too late.  Now, some many not express that opinion–most notably Hoke, Les, and Wyll Yates (Why is it always the guys?).  Yet they know it, so nothing has to be said.

Then I turn to myself.  Why am I a good friend?  Am I good friend? I hope so; want to be.  I can only say that I listen whenever anyone talks to me, trying to take it all in.  That’s what I do.  I listen. I’m the listener.  That’s what confuses me sometimes.  Sometimes I have no one to listen to.

A lot of things make up me.  On a given day (or a given moment), I am a writer, a poet, a thinker, and a simplistic philosopher.

But enough about me–what are your hopes and dreams?

I tried,






Today was our first day back to school.  I got a 68% on my Trig test (maybe that’s why this part was forgotten, to be written about way down here).  Lunch wasn’t much better: the advertised “hot ham and cheese” was in actuality a cold bit of Spam covered in shredded cheese.  The drink selection was prune juice.  Ugh.  The lunch ladies are slipping.

It was good to get back and see everybody.  Tomorrow, being an “A” day, will be a good and deserved break from anything too strenuous.  French…





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