Lazy Day Entry

January 1, 1997  Wednesday


Last night we were packed at the Hub, and extremely busy.  Along with Hoke’s cousin Jack and James Grand, who are a few younger than us, Hoke and I picked up Sidney at her house amid some estates near Wildlife Prairie Park.  We arrived at the Hub by 7:30, cutting a straight, northerly line through Peoria County.  We really had thought Sidney was just going to do some odd jobs.  You know, like pick up glasses and run downstairs for ice.  It didn’t tun out that way, though.  Arlen had her work the Santa Far bar, but before long she got the hang of it, and was fine.  Like I said before, she is a really quick learner.  It was a very long night though.  At one point Hoke told me he let Sidney know he was very sorry about having her work a bar. But Sidney was magnanimous with Hoke, saying she was okay with him, because he hadn’t been the one to call her (yep, she’s talking about me).    Yet I think she had a good time, and who knows, maybe she’ll want to make the Hub a career and forgo being a doctor (I wonder if there are any vacancies…).  At least she got to experience all the cowboy stories Hoke and I have been telling her for months. And soon enough it was 1997.  I didn’t get home until 4 am.

So it won’t surprise you that I wasn’t up today until about 11 o’clock.  It’s been a nice, quiet day.  Not much to do, and all day to do it in.  Actually, that’s the way a lot of my Christmas break has been.  Only four more days, and then we plunge in again on Monday.  I have really enjoyed the perfect nothingness of my holiday, but it will be good, when it comes, to have something to do again.

Boredom is bliss,









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