Just Another Day

January 9, 1997  Thursday

It snowed a few inches today and we were all sure we would get out early.  We never did, but there is hope for tomorrow.  You can just imagine how low the wind chill will be!  I just wonder if  I will have to go out to LG Seeds if school is canceled…

I brought my journal to school yesterday, part of it.  Emma and Leslie K had asked if they could look at it.  Of course I said sure.  And boy, did they ever look at it.  Leslie K read the entire third volume.  Emma tore through the second and fourth volumes.  They really liked it.  Emma said she remembers when I put the hot pepper flakes on Spence S’s pizza in kindergarten.  I really hadn’t remembered she had been in the morning kindergarten class with me.  She also said, after reading a volume, that I was very intelligent.  I don’t know about that, but I didn’t show them it to glorify me and my writing ability.  I wanted to show them who I am, beyond the sometimes quiet guy in class.  Anyway, they laughed a lot, which I always love, and said it was good.  Then when Leslie K was done she told me the journal was sad.  I asked her why.  She had read the part where I mention that Sidney was depressed about her breakup with Lance.  Leslie K said Sidney was lucky to have a friend like me.

Two year ago Emma gave me picture of herself, a time when we were on the bus for a field trip.  This is what is said:


Remember our love/hate relationship in grade school!!  Secretly, I know are still do!


Now, read this next one.  This is what she wrote on the back of her senior picture to me today:


Man–can you believe we are almost out of here??  It is kinda exciting, but sad, all @ the same time.  I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you so well over the past year.  You are truly a wonderful guy who will succeed far in life.  I wish you all the best of luck + don’t ever be afraid to call so we can go out sometime.  Always keep writing in that journal!  You are a very talented writer.  Good luck + God Bless you, always! Class of ’97!

Emma Reed

Everyone is getting used to being back at school (like it or not).  Basketfest is next week, which will be a blast.  We all dress up during the week, have class competitions, and each class decorates their section of the hallway.  Last year our class did a train theme (which Hoke suggested, naturally) and we won first place.  As seniors have no choice but to repeat.

I don’t think I am working this Saturday (the Hub isn’t open anymore on Friday nights). If I don’t, there must be a good chance Ainsley and/or Holly Andrews will be working.  I really don’t know what to expect.  The present continues to sit in the back of Hoke’s car.

The Carolina Panthers better beat the Packers this Sunday in the NFC Championship game.  I bet Mr. Mavetz a week of milkshakes that they will.

The end of just another day,


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