Hub Update

December 27, 1996  Friday

After coming home from work at LG Seeds I called Sidney.  She said that she could work on New Year’s Eve.  That will be fun (I know I use that word a lot).  What I mean, this time, is that it saves the life of the night a bit, to have another Elmwood person there.  She is going to get there a little bit early so I can show her around.  She better learn fast; it’s too bad her first (only) night at a new place has to be New Year’s Eve.  But I know she’ll do fine.  I also called Willa, but she can’t.  Let’s see, who’s left…Colin, and that’s about it.  Hmm… how about Davies?  I mentioned him to Hoke, but he just told me to shut up.

This all leads me to wonder about the future (if there is such a thing) with Ainsley and Holly Andrews.  They don’t work this weekend or You-Know-What-Night either.  It saddens me that I may not see them for a long time.  I really didn’t know them well. Not really.  At least the real them.  The experiences we did have, moving from place to place around the Hub as we worked, were too limiting.  We never got to know each other, however much we did talk on occasion.  I would have loved to have really been their friends.  They liked me, sure, and I liked them.  I just wanted it to go on as it was, but the encounters were too rare and far apart.  I feel that I am missing out on two great people now, but we simply live in different towns that are two far apart.  Right now, as I write this, the large Homecoming picture taken in September is next to the monitor.  That sure was a fun night, but in the back of my mind, I knew… But what am I talking about?  I still have half a year before it’s over.  Surely we will see each other several times at least before then.  If not, well, it was fun, fun, fun.

Last call, people,

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