Christmas ’96

December 25, 1996  Wednesday

What a great day!  Of course, what other kind of day came you have on Christmas!

I went to bed late last night, in hopes I would be able to sleep until seven o’clock.  No luck.  I still awoke at three in the morning, and it was useless trying to get back to sleep.  For four hours I twisted and turned, waiting for the time when we could gather in the living room and open presents.  It sort of shocks me that here I am, seventeen years old, and I still get more excited about Christmas; and then there is Nicole, sleeping peacefully across the hall from me.  It’s just not fair.

I did, eventually, get so many great gifts.  Mostly it centered around baseball and music.  My new CD player now resides on a tall dresser in the corner of my room, just to my left as I type this.  It’s really nice.  To go along with it, recieved also The Eagles’ Hotel California, cassettes of blues music and 80’s hits, Hootie and the Blowfish’s Cracked Rear View, some Mozart, and a live Genesis album.  That’s what you call a diverse taste in music.

I got a Cubs tie from Dad, a big baseball book and videos from Mom, and later at the family farm a Chicago Bears hat from my cousins Tasha and Ray Connors.  Tasha was home from her first semester at college way out in Oregon, at a Christain school.  I really enjoyed this Christmas, and thank everyone for everything.  Thank you.

Tomorrow neither Hoke nor I work at the Hub, so we’ll get together, perhaps even with Sidney.

I wrote this poem write awhile ago.  I guess it’s called “Life,” but it seems fitting to include today:

Life is like a joyous ride
That very few have really tried
Life is like a sunrise in the early morn–
As fresh as when the world was born.
Life is like the height of mid-summer’s day–
The kind of place you’d forever like to stay
Life is like a bud of rose–
And the green grass beneath your toes
Like is like a rolling sea–
Will you come and sail it with me?

Ending, what could be an ending?…

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