A Light at the End of the Tunnel

December 18, 1996  Thursday

Today was “B” day testing, and it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  But before I go any further, speaking of hard, I had my Trig test.  All I can say is that I’m glad I got that out of the way.

Accounting went by without anything interesting happening.  “Media Experience” was harder than I thought it would be, however:  Mrs. Marks had me go down to Mr. Marks’ office and get snacks for her English class.  That’s it (I think I passed).  For the rest of the period I played on her computer as we all watched Happy Gilmore.  For English we read a story.

Well, after tomorrow only one semester will remain for my career here at Elmwood.  I can’t believe it has been thirteen years.  There are still quite a few of us “originals” left from 1984: Hoke, Willa, Emma, Leslie K, Ray Browning, Tim Meers, etc.  Then there are the guys who have moved here since: people like Jake, Mike Mullins, Sidney, Jim Camp, Regan, and Justin Harms.   Of course, there are those that have left us.  When friends like Jason Kind, Jenny Franks, Mitchell Crisp, Barry Rome, and yes, even when Will Davies moved away, we lost a little piece of our identity.

Tonight I gave Hoke his gift of a computer game.  He really likes it.  Tomorrow I am going to give Sidney hers.  The only class I care about tomorrow is Speech.  I am going to read aloud “The Monkey’s Paw” for my final.

Deck the halls and all that jazz,






I would just like to say it has been a lot of fun for me to make this journal these last weeks.  I find myself writing more and more often–and perhaps the writing is slowly getting better?  I also find that I have to push myself to get creative sometimes with the entries, so it’s not always the same old telling of events.  This can only help my writing.  So, all told, this third volume, Leave Your Whatever At the Door, took only a month to write.  In this edition I found myself really trying to focus on what makes me tick.  This was best accomplished with the entry “The Descent Into the Maelstrom of My Mind.”  I also tried to better explain my relationship with those around me.  For prime examples, check out “Will Reviews the Top 12” and “Where the Dancing is Fun, Fun, Fun.”

Once again, I had a great time bringing this to you.  I really try my best to make every entry as informative and entertaining as possible.  I probably stated this earlier, but I really hope this work can stand in for how I am now.  They might then say, “You know, that Will wasn’t half bad.”  Oh well.

Please join me again as I begin my brand-spankin’-new volume, Evolution Goes Kablooey.  I promise drama, comedy, excitement, and things that will just make you think.  Best of all, I won’t charge admission (someone out there is saying, “You get what you pay for.”  I just know it).  Alright, if want to pay me, I won’t mind.  Now get out of here, and let me write.







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