Another Day in the Life of Me

November 4, 1996

My second journal entry ever was on November 28, 1994.  It was entitled “A Day in the Life of Me.”  It remains one of my favorite passages.  As the two-year anniversary of that entry draws near, it reminds me how my life has changed.  During today I kept a record of the events that occurred.  Also, I had several people write me letters, so their voices can be added to this work.

I woke up today at 5:30 because Nicole was up already, getting ready to go on a 4th-grade class trip to the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.  When my alarm rang at seven I crawled out of bed and slumped downstairs to watch Sports Center.  The Bears barely beat the lowly Buccaneers yesterday, 13-10.  But hey, a win.  After my shower I pulled on an oft-worn combination of a roomy tan polo shirt, jeans, braided belt and Nikes. I was ready to go by 7:50.  Hoke pulled up out front in his grey Thunderbird five minutes later (he was very early today).

I learned at school that everyone on the girls’ cross-country team had done well at Sectionals, and all the girls were moving on to State, including Emma and Sidney.

The first class of the day was French.  Mrs. Spacey wasn’t there today, so we had a sub.  Different teacher, same dumb, simple homework.  Today we were given a seven-page article on European cheese.  No French everywhere to be found (I am not making this up).  Don’t you question Mrs. Spacey’s sanity just a bit?

By 9:37 we were out of that loony bin and in Art.  Right now we are crafting small stone sculptures.  I have my basic shape, all I have to do is sand and sand and sand and…  I asked Emma and Leslie K to write something for me.

At 11:07 I went to lunch.  I get to sit with such people as Les Rose, Wyll Yates, Hoke, and sometimes Jim Camp comes by.  Sidney told us about running in Sectionals.  I feasted on lasagna held over from last Friday and some tasty applesauce.  By lowering my standards, I would have to say not half bad (a dollar twenty-five well spent).

Speech class was pretty easy.  Without the still-recouping Mr. Beres there we now don’t do much in the hour.  Sidney, Laura and I wrote an introduction together for an informative speech about our town of Elmwood.

In Homeroom I filled out my paper for what I want my “likes” to be as part of the Yearbook.  For favorite song I picked “Stand by Me” and for band/singer I chose Eric Clapton.

The last hour, World History, was just like every other World History class.  In the beginning we had a test over India and China, then we took notes over the chapter’s next few sections, and finally we got in groups to do a worksheet.  The same as always.  Several people found the time to write a letter to me.

After school Hoke drove me a few miles north of town to LG Seeds for work.  At the “Corn Palace” I completed five PMGs.  A PMG is when I take a bunch of corn and count out two groups of 500 kernels each.  With some quick figuring, you would know I counted out 5,000 kernels in a few hours, in additions to other tasks.  I finished at 6 pm.  Mom came to get me by 6:20.

Tonight I typed in some journal entries, and then I watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  I know, I know what you’re thinking, but I watched this one specially.  You see, as part of the franchises’ 30th anniversary the crew went back in time to the old TV episode “The Trouble With Tribbles.”  It was very interesting how they used special effects to seamlessly put the new actors in with the old.  It was pretty good, but no, I am not a Trekker.  Now I sit here at 11:23 trying to finish this entry.  No luck.  I still have to type the letters people wrote me today.  Speaking of which, here they are:


I want to live in the jungle with my friend Jake.

-Jim Camp

I never knew you.

-Ronald Kroll

P.S.- I echo Jim’s sentiments.


You wanted me to write something about myself so that you’ll never forget me.  Well, like you, I’m afraid of forgetting.  Like in 20 years, I’ll be walking down the street, and pass by.  You might be recognize me, and I might not recognize you.  Sorry!  What I like to do most in life is laugh!  There is nothing better than being happy.  Hopefully,  I will always be happy.  Someday I would like to be a housewife and raise kids for the rest of my lie (sounds happy).  Anyway– thanks for always making me laugh!

Leslie K.


Just remember the good times!  Like when my mom babysat you and every other kid in the neighborhood.  Sorry about the time I hit you on the floor when we were little.  I don’t know anything that could possibly make you remember me.  I’m glad you finally got your license.  Well, hopefully one day I’ll be married to Paul Boland, and we’ll have two kids.  One girl and one boy.  We’ll live in a big farm house in the middle of nowhere.  And we will be happily, happily married!  Wait and see.   I hope all of your dreams come true.  Keep drawing, it’s what you’re good at, and one day will get you somewhere, if you don’t already know that.  Good luck at Western.  As for me, Illinois Central College here I come!

Rockin’ Rachel K


I wish we could have talked more during high school–but we had fun times during grade school.  You were always one of my favorite playing buddies.  I wish you luck in the “business” business, even I though I feel you should go into cartooning.

Trisha Townsend


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