The Trips to Chicago (Words Backhanded)

October 30, 1996

The last two days I have gone to Chicago on class trips.  Yesterday, the French and Art students went to the Art Museum to see a Degas exhibit.  It rained all day.  We also ate at a Bennigan’s.  The exhibit itself was boring, and I got through that quickly.  Lots of dancers dancing.

1996 Will: Zzzzzzzz….

After that we were broken into groups for an art scavenger hunt in the museum (Mrs. Cardiff, my art teacher, meant well).  I asked her however to change from Mrs. Cardiff’s group to Mrs. Spacey’s French group (where have I heard this before?).

On the way home the bus driver segregated us by gender.  Girls in the front, boys in the back.  I kid you not.  On the trip home Colin and I talked a lot.  He confided in me a few girls he likes (like Rachel Potters).  Overall, it was a fair trip, but a long one, and the food made up for the travel, but the dark grey weather set the mood for the day.

  *    *    *    *     *

Today the senior class went to Medieval Times in Schamburg.  It was a rousing good jest of a time, or something.  While eating things like Cornish hens and vegetable soup with our bare hands, we watched staged jousts.  Pretty entertaining, but I guess the girls liked the knights a lot more than the rest of us.

Broadway here I come!

I brought along some paper on the bus and asked some people to write some things so I can put them in here (some were more eager than others):

Dear Will,

This is dumb.



The Bears are shit.  The Cubs are shit.  The Cowboys are the best.  And so am I.  Ha ha.  And stop trying to copy my work in class.  I’m going to fall asleep again.

Rachel P


Loosen up.  Go to some parties.  Make some changes in your life.  Take control.  Ask you-know-who to Lakeview.  Ask her about art.  You know I don’t like her enough to ask her about You.  After you get her, we’ll all go out to One World… And if I find out you have told someone I like them I’ll kill you! Slowly!

Colin Klimt


Thank you for giving me back my candy, you little thief.  You certainly can be strange at times, or should I say all the time?  I’m so glad that we’re going on this trip.  I really need to get away from school; it’s such a headache.  I wish life could be one big vacation.  There wouldn’t be anything to worry about then.  Please excuse my poor grammar and sloppy handwriting.  I hate putting my thoughts down on paper, it makes them so tangible.  Well, I guess that’s enough writing for now. Adios!


And these are my responses to the letters that Willa, Sidney and Colin wrote:

To Willa,

Thanks for writing.  The dog thing you drew was funny (sort of), if not totally appropriate.  Shame on you.  Your handwriting needs some work, too.

Will Carlson

To Sidney,

You need to work your handwriting too.  You’re right, sometimes I can appear strange, but is it better to be underestimated than overestimated?  Don’t worry about putting your thoughts on paper, you do an excellent job.  And yes, your thoughts are tangible when written, but writing is important because it records your feelings at the time.  Also, you don’t forget the person you were.  Great job running at Regionals, and good luck at Sectionals!

Will Carlson

To Colin,

Don’t worry, I won’t tell.  You’ve got too much dirt on me.

Will Carlson

Monday we did not have school because of water pipe problems, the last two days we’ve been on a bus shuttling across northern Illinois, and tomorrow is an easy, artsy “A” day.  I wonder also about the state of Mr. Beres.  I heard he wouldn’t be back at school for several weeks!  Hoke said nobody knows what’s wrong with him except Mrs. Wales, and she’s not talking.  Supposedly she said, “You better be really good on the Medieval trip.” He didn’t go with us today.  I haven’t been at school all week to see him, so I’m in the dark as much as the next guy.

Something is afoot in Elmwood,


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