How I Spent Three Hours at a Pizza Hut – New Job

September 17, 1996  Tuesday

The “date” last Saturday didn’t turn out how I expected it to (things in life rarely do).  Hoke and I drove to Princeville to first pick up Holly Andrews, and then Ainsley.  It had to be a short night, we discovered, because Holly had rear-ended someone in Dunlap earlier that day.  It wasn’t the first time, either.  I was amazed how many accidents she’s been in.  She didn’t have her license on her so she has to go to court.  I feel sorry for her, because I know how hard it is to not be a good driver.  Either that, or her luck just stinks.

Anyway, the quickly rewritten, scaled-back plan became going to a Pizza Hut in Wyoming, Illinois, to the north in Stark County.  Amazingly, we talked for three hours there (I had been afraid we would have nothing to talk about)!  We talked about everything, from other different schools to Homecoming, to even crazy stories about Davies, who they don’t even know.  Then we started talking about ourselves and our earliest memories.  Ainsley’s was when she played Cinderella as a four year old.  Overall, the night was a success, even if we didn’t get to really do anything.  The most positive point was we became more comfortable and we seemed to really like each other.

I also started my (new, after-school) job at LG Seeds yesterday.  I kind of like it.  I work in the lab, which is about a ten minute drive due north of Elmwood.  My main tasks are counting out 100 or 500 seed amounts that they will use for germination tests.  I also sort out the different sized kernels by pouring an amount into a shaker, which the seeds then fall through varying grated levels to collect seeds of corresponding size.  Finally, my other main task is to create a mixture of testing soil, adding three 5-gallon buckets of dirt with one bucket of sand into a mixer.  I like the sorting/counting part because it’s maybe the only time of the day I get to enjoy wondrous silence.  Usually, by the time I’m ready to weight the various-sized corn amounts in plastic containers (the last part), I’m ready for a little music from the radio in the lab’s office.  Harold Armstrong, my boss, is nice and he’s really flexible about hours.  He’s even going to find me a way to play baseball in the spring.  Mostly, I’m happy because I set out to do something and I accomplished it all on my own.

Days ’til Homecoming -13

Mr. Saturday Night,





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