September 30, 1996

I guess this is where I tell you about Homecoming.  Actually, I had a lot of fun at the game and at the dance.

Friday’s parade went through our small town like always, the football team and girls’ cheer teams riding fire trucks throwing candy, the class floats leading the way.  Afterwards I dropped off Stacy Tamms at her house, got my hair cut, then drove to Princeville to get Ainsley, arriving at 5:30.  Getting to the game a little ahead of time, we had time to walk around, see the floats up-close, and introduce Ainsley to a few people.  After the game Hoke, Ainsley, and I drove around Elmwood, showing her where I live.  I finally drove her home and finally arrived home around 11:30.

The next day after work at LG Seeds I picked up Ainsley’s corsage of two red roses.  Very nice.  After a picture at Ainsley’s house, we were off to Holly Andrews’ and a few more pictures.  The Olive Garden in Peoria was really good, getting in after a half hour wait.  We arrived at the high school’s multi-purpose room around 8:30.  Hoke and I had our pictures taken with with Holly Andrews and Ainsley, respectively.  The music was alright, but there was very little we could actually dance to.  The king and queen was Austin Andrews and Becca Meeks.  We had a good time at the dance, but we left by 10:30.  We went first to my house (pictures) and then Hoke’s.  We showed them a video we made for school, called “Da’ Trip,” in which Hoke and I kidnap Davies and put in the trunk for our journey.  It’s sort of funny that they never met Davies, but they don’t really like him somehow.  We headed back to Princeville by midnight and I was home by one.  Now I am waiting for the pictures I ordered.

I got new glasses for ninety dollars (which I paid on my own).  Now watch the first pair show up…

Today I switched from Journalism to French I.  Yes, I know, I know, I’ve taken it before.  Mr. Marks the dean was a bit confused too.  I just told him, while taking to him in his office, that I don’t think I got everything I could have from the first go-round, and would like to make sure I have a strong foundation before moving on to more (if I ever do).  He signed off on it, and there will be more French stories to come.

The second French experience begins,

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