Elmwood’s Got a Football Team?

September 20, 1996  Friday

I was sitting in class today thinking about tonight’s football game.  Not about strategy, or the final score, but about just going.  I knew I couldn’t go alone, just wandering the sidelines by myself (Hoke’s entire night involves being with the band, for the most part), so I started to form a plan of how I could take Ainsley.  I went home to call her before going to work, but she wasn’t home.  I left a message asking her to call me at six.  So, I went to work thinking how much fun this would be.  Ainsley called at six, but she couldn’t.  I knew it was sort of short notice, so it was okay.  I’ll have to call her earlier in the week for the next game.

I went to the game anyway, but I doubted how much fun I would have.  Well, from about the second quarter on, I had a blast. Basically, Stacey Tamms, Jim Camp, Kate Eaks, and Reagan Kroll hung out and talked with me for the rest of the game.  I barely noticed we were beaten 26-0.

Tomorrow I’m going to work at LG Seeds in the morning.  I should think of selling some ad space in the Yearbook to them too.  Tomorrow night will be fun, since I will again be working at the Hub.  Even better, Ainsely will be working the downstairs bar for a reception.  I should have more to talk about tomorrow night when I get home.

Days ’til Homecoming -8

I have GOT to learn how to dance,





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