Artistic Endeavors – Further Reflections

November 3, 1996

Tomorrow I plan to record the full events of my day.  I hope that this will get a good account of the kind of days I lead.

But, on the creative side, what have I been up to?  Good question.  I’m still at work on an old-fashioned detective story, called “Devil’s Advocate.”  Right I would say it’s about 60% done.  Yet I feel I have gotten ahead of myself.  I was just planning a sequel entitled “Checkmate.”  In this new adventure Neil Broadrick travels to San Cuevo, Peru to investigate an undercover drug syndicate.  Neat, huh?  Now all I have to do is write the dang thing…

Recently I drew about 50 comic strips about high school life o’ Elmwood.  In a kind of caricature way, I drew myself and lots of people there.  Basically I concentrated on the just-finished football season (we went 0-9) and the cafeteria food.  Everyone wanted me to sell them at the school store, including Mrs. Cardiff and Mrs. Marks.  I called my strip My Views on Life.

It’s hard for me to do these kinds of creative things sometimes.  I’m still working towards sounding more natural and realistic in my writing, creating full scenes and something better than one-dimensional characters.  For drawing I’m just trying to capture people without someone saying, “Hey, nice horse!”  Drawing and writing are the two things I do pretty well at, so I try to push myself at them.

Sometimes I wonder how I can write so well (or at least to a good length), and then usually flounder when I speak, sometimes with a bit of stutter.  I believe that I feel more relaxed when I write: I have just the bit of extra time needed to collect my thoughts, even when I’m quickly typing, and I have no one else to impress or focus on but the computer screen.  More importantly, I can focus on the words themselves, my thoughts, instead of being so distracted by the someone being in front of me.

In other news, I hope Mr. Beres gets back soon (Of course, I don’t want to be in class the day he does, with the way our English class have been clowning Mrs. Shoemaker).  Our book reports were due Friday.  I did Robinson Crusoe, one of my favorites.  Anyway, I was about the only one that had it done, along with Sidney and Willa.  Then, since Nick Grimes doesn’t have a book, he left class to go to the library.  He just forgot to tell someone he was going to the Elmwood Library a few blocks away.

A few days ago we voted on a song for prom.  The winner was Journey’s “Open Arms” from 1982.  It’s pretty good.

I’ve started to write a timeline of my life, for those dark, I’ll-defined days before writing this in 1994, entitled “Timeline de la Will.”  I used my baby book, school work, photos, and my memory to recount the highlights of my life (you wouldn’t believe how many times I fell down flights of stairs).  The timeline is just another way to record me and what I have done.

In the past two years I have had many things happen to me that I never want to forget.  I only wish I had started this journal earlier (and hadn’t stopped as a junior).   I hope that if anything happens to me, this will be used to find out the kind of person I am–or was, or whatever.  Maybe I’m afraid of forgetting.  Then an eerier thought enters my mind.  Maybe I’m afraid of being forgotten (what a flare for the dramatics).

At school last week we staged an election for the presidency.  Let’s see… Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, or Ross Perot?  Kind of a lose-lose thing.  Clinton wouldn’t last the second term before being thrown out for some scandal.  Dole… well, Dole is a nice old man.  I just saw Perot’s name and said, “Why not?”  So that’s who I voted for.  Who do I think will win for real?  Clinton.  And that’s really sad because we all know in a country of millions there are such qualified people out there.  Clinton’s character is terribly flawed, and his goals are sporadic to what the latest polls say.  We’ll have to see Tuesday.

Your favorite Gen-Xer,


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