Tidbits Part IV: Better People, Better Times

September 10, 1996

I have got to get a card for Ainsley.  I was told today that her birthday happened to be last Saturday, and I forgot to wish her a happy birthday.

Tonight I was at Hoke’s trying to decide what to do on Saturday night.  So far our collected options are a movie and bowling.  Hoke is looking into a paint-ball war place in Chillicothe.

Next Saturday night Hoke and I are going to pick up Holly first so she can navigate us to Ainsley’s house which is out south-east of Princeville.  I’m just happy to have changed people’s lived for the better (it made me look good…).

For a topic in Speech I have selected the battle of Gettysburg.  The high school yearbook is also coming along.  We are beginning to sell ad space and deciding who will do what on what pages and sections. Yearbooks have now gone on sale.

Finally, some news about Will Davies, who moved away very suddenly last Thanksgiving without a sound.  Lance Stanton, who works at the Elmwood cafe on the town square, told us that a co-worker of his is from Farmington, where Davies now goes to school (for some reason I still don’t know).  Anyway, the co-worker said she said “hi” to Davies one day, and now he won’t leave her alone.  Her huge boyfriend is supposedly getting mad.  Lance told her to spread the word about calling him by the name of his look-alike, “Shaggy.”






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