December 5, 1994  Monday

Looks like Driver’s Ed is over.  We will be having study hall the rest of the semester.  Right now Mavtez is barking about the Civil Rights movement.  It’s interesting, and sad.  I didn’t know a lot of it.  …Oh yeah, his team, the Packers lost, too!  Maverick was oddly quiet about that.

We went to the old gym on a bus during P.E. and “worked” on our chest.  It was embarrassing, struggling to lift much more than the bar.  Tomorrow is “shoulder day.”  Oh well, only nine more days.  I think I can live through it.

On Christmas my cousin Ray and I always spend the night at Grandma’s, and then eat in Galesburg the next day.  I can’t wait.

Also, Hoke went to Niketown in Chicago.  He got me a present–can’t wait to get it!





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