Summer Upon Us

written May 11, 2009


Thanks for the thought.  Well, although I stayed in Edwardsville yesterday I sent Mom flowers and we had a nice talk in the afternoon.  I’m trying to give her ideas to be busy for the summer.  What did you do?

I’m at campus to find out my grades but I’m surprised they aren’t posted..  Hm.  I have two month-long classes starting soon, and I’m putting in my paperwork now to still work at a dig in July and August.  They don’t require experience and I have plenty of that.  I know my anth. profs will be recommendations, after I ask.

I’m glad you’re getting out.. with some that can rent a car! =)  Right now the summer seems very inviting and open to the gaps of possibilities.  What is on your summer to-do list?  I want to read at least 5 books, go camping one weekend, visit the gym once a day, brush up my Spanish, get As for my classes, and my Dad really wants to go to Bears camp like the old days.  I also want to volunteer at least twice a month.  Well, now it’s in email form, so it’s written down and pretty official..

I also really liked going to Forest Park a few weeks ago- would you like to go one of your future off days?  My Weds and Sats are usually free and available for a little fun.

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