Shabh Yatra!

written March 1, 2012

How has your week been?  I wanted to write before you left tomorrow to wish you a restful and turbulence-free flight- where will you be in the north following your New Delhi shopping spree?

Not sure, but my district might be on the local news tonight.  I was called in to the high school, and when I arrived quickly learned there had been Twitter postings of a shooting threat today (yeah, really…), and we had to keep our doors locked.  Thankfully nothing happened.  But the rest of my day was good!  Teaching a life skills class, I showed an episodes of 30 Days (the great Morgan Spurlock series) about living on minimum wage in Columbus and we had some good discussions, like adults taking many “teen” jobs, pushing them out of the pool.

Really looking forward to American Idiot, but unfortunately my roommate has left for Harrisburg to help out, having friends and family there.  I’m sure I can draft someone on short notice for a night of Green Day.  Hopefully I make make to Pere Marquette for some hiking Saturday, and then I am taking it easy.  Thanks for the head-ups about Hot Yoga too- it may be a deal too good to pass up!

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