“Alone- A Poem”

written December 3, 1996 



Hark–who is there?
The night dark
Your form I can’t see
Though I feel you near
Long I watch,
But nothing stirs

Hark–who is there?
Come and show yourself
So that I may be relieved.
The stillness is unnerving
Though I keep reassuring
Myself that I am alone.

Hark– who is there?
Comes my quivering voice,
To my answer, none.
My mind races,
Thinking of a reason
For all this derision.

Hark– who is there!
Answer, there is none!
What is out there,
And what does it want with me?
What awaits in the shadows,
To stir my frantic state!

Hark– who is there!
Reveal!  Reveal to me,
What business you have here
To darken my door!
Be gone! Leave me!
If silence be your only answer!
Once again I utter!
Hark– who is there!










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