With Family Arriving, An Audible

written August 8, 2012


A quick morning note of warm well-wishes and thoughts as I await my parents arrival.

I want to take into account the length of the trip they are taking, how very rarely they attempt such things, mixed with their age.  For all the above I will not try to take them anywhere this evening.  Simple is better.

I have called an meal audible and am waiting to cook the delicious sounding eggplant dish (adding a bit of garlic, basil, and a touch of cream sauce atop farfelle) for them this evening. If nothing else there is your pie.

Away from family excursions, I have just come upon an exact, cutting Mencken line that I thought you would appreciate (the entirety of the first essay lampoons academic puffery that you are now experiencing: “a professor must have a theory, as a dog must have fleas.”  Let your rudimentary review board scratch on that.



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