Snow in August?

written August 10, 2012

Another brief message, now in the a.m., before meeting the visiting nuclear family for breakfast–at their Best Western hotel, no less!

I received a call, two afternoons ago, that my arriving family was stranded in the web Shaw, the neighborhood just to the west with through streets at a premium.  Eventually they made it to my door.  Mom and Sonya came up the steps to the front door, and the further steps to my second floor home, to tour.  Dad seems to have counted how many it would require, and waited in the car.  Logistics, you can then see, is a fraught affair for my guests, with the constant question, what is possible?  I drove the three to Grand, a few blocks to the South, so I they could see the hub of my neighborhood’s activity.  Mom seemed to be taken by it, the wide selection of foreign eateries.  As we walked back to the car Dad commented it was nothing like Elmwood, and seemed to be missing it.

I cannot my cooking was to their taste.  The dinner went over fairly well, with both parents making a game attempt.  Dessert was pie that garnered raves.  Soon there the TV to fill the time and space, entertaining from its spot above my fire place.  Filled them in on my summer employment with Grassroots Campaigns, standing out in the weeks-long record string of 100-degree days to raise money for gay rights.  I am really happy to have reached  $5,000 before stepping aside.

Yesterday we stayed close and I showed off part of the local flavor- opting for City Diner on Grand, something with 1950’s Americana flair, but “exotic” could be on the menu tonight.  The diner lunch conversation dwelt on the challenges of gaining a new washer:  Will a plumber be for hire if said company will not install, due to copper pipes?  What will I do if: a) I move next year? b) The place I purposely choose already has a washer?  what then?? I must also get a snow shovel and salt soon, apparently.

Then we took a drive around the St. Louis wider neighborhoods, from a quick shot downtown and past (Whoosh!)  its 630-foot Arch to touring by car through beautifully ornate Lafayette Square.  Today we are off to the Missouri History Museum for the World’s Fair exhibits, and then to the science center for an IMAX show.

They are holding up rather well in the city, as am I.

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