written December 21, 2012


I reunion was held in my dreams last night.  We were all in my Elmwood house, in the basement.  There was a great deal of activity, and perhaps nine or ten visitors.  It appeared generally to my a Navy/Elrod get-together, primarily because of Matthew Massetti being there, who had been in my sonar division.  Some other young men and women appeared vaguely familiar, but their names were not placeable.  I also remember a high school classmate, Beth McFall being thrown into the mix.  There were more, but that was the only only face that went past me.  I was very happy to have them all there.  Surprised, really, that so many would assemble from all over the country to be there.  I busied myself by making the basement more presentable for my guests, picking up wrappers and tortilla chip bags, and then straightening the duck-scene pillows for the couch.  Beth was leading them in creating tin-can donation collectors, that they would distributing around the town for a charity I cannot now recall.  It was a brief, warm dream that I fondly recalled upon waking.

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