A Snake of Good-Intentions/Art Show!

written September 14, 2013


This morning I was at a Walk for Farm Animals in Tower Grove Park.  The total good that we supplied to the world may be debated, the participants on the whole probably felt they were making a difference.  Many holding signs and others giving (friendly) chants, we were a snake of well-intentions, winding our way south along Grand, and then back down into the Tower Grove enclaves of large red bricks homes.  It was a gorgeous blue day, and made for some excellent people watching.  Go animals!

While waiting for it to start I checked my mail, and in it was one entitled “33October Submissions.”  When I clicked on it, it read: “Congratulations!…”  So I’m going to (a small part) of a gallery showing next week.  It is my first try at getting into a show after a lifetime or being rather content to doodle at my own pleasure, without doing anything serious with drawing.  Today I am excited (and a bit shocked) to have something I made on a wall others will view.  More than this I am looking forward to getting to know the rather robust arts community that pulstates around my immeadiate nieghborhood.  I went to this group’s, MySLArt’s, September show, and was welcomed as an inquiring stranger, and am looking forward to returning.

Perhaps all three of the pieces I submitted were chosen; I don’t know yet.  It was a very good day.  Perfect temperature for an early Fall day, and a lunch at Lemongrass (the “fish-head” place).  I also went to a few local coffee shops, to see if they would like to feature my work in the future.


Your artwork has been accepted for exhibition at MySLart.org‘s “33October”

exhibition. The show will be at the Old Orchard Gallery, 39 South Old Orchard, in historic Webster Groves.

The opening reception for “33October” is Friday the 18th, 5:30 to 10pm. This show will also be on exhibit October 18th-28th.

MySLart.org produces the “33” series of monthly art exhibits exclusively for the benefit of its members. If you are not yet a member of MySLart.org, please click on the link below my signature block to sign up as a member today. There is NO charge and it puts you in touch with over 1,900 other St. Louis area artists and art venues. Updated daily with current local CFAs and openings throughout the STL area. Check your MySLart page daily!

MySLart.org promotes its shows extensively to maximize exposure for the artists, but you should also help promote this show as well. We all need to promote this event as a MySLart community, please “like” myslart.org on Facebook, and “follow” us on Twitter! Before the reception we make an event page for Facebook friends too, not just MySLART.org members, so you will have an easy way of letting all of your friends and family know you and all your hard work will exhibiting!

Thank you –

Jenny Churchill

Executive Director

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