Pie #3

written February 1999, rewritten 2016

Weatherman Wayne, warning of the painted
Danger heading for Harper’s Bay,
Misses the mark and forgoes a refrain
But Distant Mary she still waits inside
As looking-glass people stroll the open day
If you don’t go now you won’t see the bread band play
Mock Turtle’s gone off to town
Singin’ the shelter game
Wagering the week’s pay he’ll be first to drown
Free disease if you please, sir, it’s been a tough day down

Newspaper pages posted on the lobby walls
All ten stories of Wilkins Hall,
Covered this morning in love-sick scrall
Time is making the daily rounds
Then getting out early ‘fore masked vandals make landfall
Dottie can’t read well anyhow
So just strums an old clam shell
Thinking of all the washing before her now
Free disease it you please, sir, it’s been a tough day down

Our only joys come in songs of honey and fish and pie
Did your mother never tell you
In the brushes outlaws safely lie
It’s all in a day’s work, it’s what’s called a living perk

Distant Mary worshiped until she was numb
Surviving on rum last week’s savage scrum
Bowing before some old bread crumbs
And revels in the memory
Every time her ransom of ten cents welfare comes
Weatherman Wayne’s eyes, still trained to the skies
Can’t tell which way the winds blows from
And Time is back at his post newly wound
Missing a six and his minute hand still numb
Standing firm until the second there’s again invading shipbows
Free disease if you please, sir, it’s been a tough day down

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